According to your wishes, we will provide you with catering in the form of breakfast (350,- CZK per person), an evening reception or any celebration.

Cross-country skiing instructor

We will provide you with a cross-country skiing instructor for you or your children, who will come directly to the cottage.

Tasting of mountain wines in the premises of Chata Magistraly 

A guide from the mountain vineyards will bring you the best wines to taste and mediate a wine tasting with the stories of the families who grow wines in the mountains together with local and foreign cheeses, pâtés, nuts and other delicacies.

Tasting jams in the premises of Chata Magistraly 

The owner of the mountain marmalade factory, which produces marmalades according to traditional recipes and only from quality ingredients, will introduce you to the world of classic and new unknown combinations of marmalades. We recommend strawberries with prosecco :)